After 13 years from the first time, I returned to Marrakech, a mythical place to which I am very attached.

I found a profoundly changed Marrakech. Outside the walls of the medina, a modern city has emerged, with rich residential buildings, restaurants, luxury hotels and internationally renowned night clubs. Wide streets and lush gardens give a sense of airy, fresh and manicured. In the medina in reality it seems that little has changed. In fact, the humblest people hardly manage to climb the social ladder and just those who can work in the countless activities related to tourism manage to lead a slightly easier life than those who, every day, leave home to earn the day. The craftsmen have always been a characteristic of this city and it is not uncommon for rich Europeans to turn to them to furnish their homes with a touch of the exotic. Along the alleys of the city and its seething souk, an intense overlap of smells and colors accompanies you. Cooking spices, body oils, small take-away food shops, pastry shops, street vendors of edibles, cedar or olive wood furniture, leather goods and tanners, fantastic jewels of Berber inspiration and falsely ancient, reflections of the thousand colors of metal lamps, it is like being inside a kaleidoscope and making it part of it, as we tourists are an essential part of the population of these alleys.

Before leaving, I thought a lot about what to do about photos. I am very lazy and my camera, although it is the stuff of amateur photographers (therefore relatively light) does not make me feel too comfortable carrying it around from morning to night. Moreover with the camera in hand, I would have photographed more than seen and I would not have been a great company for those who accompanied me to whom I was very keen to show those places I love.

So I said to myself: I will only use my faithful Iphone 7 Plus.

Finally arrived in Marrakech, I read somewhere that it is one of the most Instagrammed cities in the world. To which I say to myself: I have fallen into the cliché and already I feel rejection.

Actually in Morocco, it is practically inevitable to photograph clichés because it is an incredibly photogenic land. So here it is. Something of what is typically seen, which characterizes this beautiful city, and those who live there. Plus a little foray into the ocean.

There is not even remotely claiming to provide a guide, here is lacking many of the main attractions and places of tourist interest. But my hands and eyes, for some reason, moved for these things here, from A to Z.

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