As in the body, so on earth

"Come in corpo, so in terra" is a photographic series born under the influence of the poems of Livia Chandra Candiani collected in "The boxer girl, or the precision of love".

This book has been with me for a few years, and I had decided to go back to its verses because I felt that images were being born inside me that I should have deepened. The poems are sharp, pointed and precise, they describe without discount the moods, the feelings, the psychological state of a woman who has undoubtedly experienced the pain of detachment. So they came to me. This degree of precision is linked to a very careful choice of words and the use of the "natural" metaphor. The animal, vegetable and mineral worlds are pockets of images from which the author draws in order to give us snapshots of the sensations, directed to the bowels, even before the intellect.

A dimension that strongly brings me back to contact with the earth understood in a mineral, bare, brutal sense. When then with Giuliana, my alter ego and inspiring muse, we decided to take photos that would bring us closer to the sentimental imagery of the poems, we chose a wild place where the colors of the earth prevailed, in all its shades. One day in September with its warm light accompanied us. This is the result.

The photos are combined with verses taken from Candiani's book, unfortunately the verse is not exact because this instrument does not allow me to have full control in going to the head. The verses have no didactic value. To see the photos with the text, click on the single photo.

I tried to contact Mrs. Candiani through her Facebook page to warn her of the use I was making of her poems, but unfortunately I had no response. There are many sites, on the other hand, where you can find his lyrics and I hope that the use I have made of it does not offend anyone.